Wednesday, January 07, 2009

New Year's Intentions

Feel like I'm bringing value to Partnerships & Projects
Having fun, work is creative, working in-person with others
* Training to speak in front of audience

* Playing with idea of publishing writing

* Coaching clients... what does that look like? do I want that?

Feel safe, have good boundaries and integrity
My heart is wide open to Love!

Fun & Play
Full social calendar
Groups & Events: Lunnessence, Cruisers, Book Club, Apogea, Burning Man

Feeling of freedom & peace with CASH lifestyle
Savings goal = $_ _ k
*Progress towards upgrades (kitchen, carpet, BMW)

Disappear headaches
Develop habits around routine: sleep & daytime work productivity
Run half marathon

* Bonus goals!

Question for Reflection 2009:
What is my "dream come true"? What's the vision? What actions or steps are right in front of me that feel fluid and easy?

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