Monday, January 26, 2009

Ocean bottom

I am swimming
swift, broad strokes
wide turtle fins
propel me down

Towards the ocean floor
away away
from today's reality
blurring behind me

I am focused,
drawn to the light below

a golden treasure

I feel its joy
sense its warmth
it is the Home
of a miracle

1 comment:

  1. I've wanted to share my "little altars", they are so beautiful to me and every day I pause when I walk by. In January I was drawn to these crystals/rocks, and often hold them when I'm in need of something. I had never believed in their power, but now I'm CERTAIN of it because I feel it.

    This morning I awoke, for the 100th time, sunk in my heart as I face today's day job. I had this vision of swimming hard towards the dark ocean floor, with my boss and lead calls, etc. fading away the morning I swam. A thought popped in of a golden light at the ocean's floor, and it gave me permission to believe in the power swimming away.