Friday, January 23, 2009

Ready for Change!

I need an immediate change in my day job (burnt out and bored, tired of working from home alone). I'm ready for something new and I wrote a new mantra that I'm going to read every day. The last time I had a job change it happened sooooo rapidly after I created a statement that was wide enough to encompass anything and everything. The statement was "I'm being myself, having fun, and doing what I'm great at - working with people". It was so exciting! So, here it is:

An amazing and perfect opportunity has shown up. It combines my strategic skills with partnerships & projects, and I contribute great value to this exciting company. We are all very happy with the vibrant energy we share. It's a win-win and I celebrate and am delighted by the fast arrival of this great blessing! In the meantime, I give work my all and maintain my positive spirit.


  1. Barb Kearney4:54 PM

    Helen-I just LOVE you-you are one cool awesome amazing Kearney Woman!

  2. BBBBBBBEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEUTIFUL and very inspiring to me too. Damn girl you are such a good writer!