Sunday, March 29, 2009

carving through the keyhole

wow, a stunning jewel, she is what's left...
post-carving, her inside now out
red on fire, through the keyhole there she went
and all else, everything fell away

she is what's sacred
the most potent,
a work of art...
surprising mostly herself


I had a profound realization the other day when a friend challenged me about why I wasn't in motion about finding a new job. The box that's been my home, safe inside of the "job description" of the huge corporate machine, needs to be shattered. I'm peeking at the belief that I don't have to sacrifice myself in order to fit into a job opening. I need to squeeze myself through the keyhole and let all that I am not fall away.

I know precisely what I want, and it's to bring value with my greatest skills: empowering others, strategy, projects, partnerships and play @ work. I completely trust that I must have these as part of my job, and believe 100% that a job exists where I can be that. What's been hard for me is to wrap more things around that package, like I would love a little bit of travel - but not a lot. Working from home is quite good for me, but so is being in the office - but not a lot! And I want the company to have an exciting pulse, to be full of alive and exciting people. I want to be able to be creatively expression in the role, where I can constantly bring ideas and newness to the "job description". This is really key for me as I don't do well when there's a wall / boundary with where the job ends.So bring it on, here I goooooooo!

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