Wednesday, March 25, 2009

If I had a million dollars...

My friend Morgan and I have been very keen (don't you love that word?) on moving forward our lives from a place of our deepest truth & dreams. We are asking the question of, what would I be doing with my life if money was NO issue (i.e. I had plenty of money to not have to have the job I have now to pay the bills). This is not about inheriting the lottery or never having to work again, but more about exploring from a blank canvas, what would I do with my days if I could do anything?
1) Buy a road bike & probably be out there a lot. I love to bike!
2) Spending a lot of time every day writing my book
3) Cultivating my personal coaching business
4) Designing & leading classes (as pre-req for my coaching clients)
5) Participate in writing groups to learn how to write, organize & edit my book
6) Taking some type of art class
7) Have a part-time job that in an industry I'm excited about (i.e. green technology), one that involves partnership, projects and strategy.
I'm going to collage all this later! Stay tuned... (and how 'bout my binge blogging lately?)


  1. When I retire, here are the things that I want to do the most:
    1. Write a book,
    2. Exercise daily,
    3. Return to the theater (I used to be a stage manager, or lighting and sound manager, FUN!), and
    4. Volunteer at the local hospital. I want to "rock" babies. You go to the neonatal ICU department. They sterilize you, put you in a rocker,and then they bring a baby out of "incubator", and you rock, rock,rock until they have to go back. You just wait, and they bring you another one.....It is the most peaceful thing I've ever done, even when they're screaming! It's the best blood pressure medicine ever!

    So there you go, I KNOW what I want to do. I just need the time! No
    money, just time! Aunt Barbara

  2. Aunt Peggy7:55 AM

    I love the word keen. And remember that Nini used to be called "Clean, Keen Neen" by our mom!

    And keep on blogging! I LOVE getting to peek into your heart and soul. And one day I'll answer!

    xoxox AP