Tuesday, March 24, 2009

my soul's truth

She asked, what is your soul's truth?

so I asked and I heard...

go slow,
go fast
but comes towards me

write, write, write

and don't be afraid

move away
from that which does not lift you
and be with those who feel good and clean

celebrate and laugh hard

and for godsake go dance, girl!

you are a wondrous being
joyful and pure
...and your purpose...
it was made just for you

hold yourself

I'm here when you need me

it's okay to be passionate
you don't have to hold back
if you scare someone... just say BOO


  1. I am loving your blog binging
    and your poetry, rock on mama!

  2. Aunt Barbara7:48 AM

    After I've read the two blogs that you sent today, I am so impressed with your creativity and sensitivity!! I can't begin to describe how lucky I am to have you as my niece, a beautiful (inside and out), caring, loving,
    intelligent, dynamic woman! WOW! Love, A.B.