Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Okay I get it, I get it!

If you've never used the Osho Zen Tarot "Transcendent game of Zen", I highly recommend it. I've experienced quite a few miracles and late night chill sessions after the cards mirror back something that I'm going through so perfectly. This morning was yet another one of those times. About a week or so ago I had asked the deck what was next with my job. I pulled the card below, "nothingness". Last night I asked the same. And pulled "nothingness" again. Out of a 100 cards. Yah. Guess I'll reflect on THAT again!

The other one I pulled was the miser and this is dead on. It said something about gripping to things that you think you need, things that you think bring you happiness. A ha. Very good.

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  1. Jenita7:11 AM

    The Miser made me think of my last circle... we were playing with letting go, releasing. And talking about how it seems easier to ask really big from the universe, but when it comes to letting go, we can be a bit stingy. Like when you're cleaning out your closet and you think, "Yeah, I'll get rid of this sweater that I have not worn in 20 years and is full of holes..." As if it's this huge accomplishment...

    Anyhow, just that. Miser made me think about stinginess in letting go... perhaps it resonates, perhaps not.

    Love the Osho cards... Love all cards!