Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Painting my poems

Before I go to my artist's retreat in November I'd like to push myself to the next level of my artistry. One of my biggest interests is expanding my style with my journal pages. I tend to love other's art that has textures and layers, combining words/poems with paint and objects (like a piece of translucent paper or a feather, etc.).

Yesterday I pulled out the gouache paint Katia uses and dared myself to put the words down. I *really* want to write in my handwriting, but it never seems to work in larger font when I paint. I don't know if I'm just not nimble with a paintbrush or if it just takes practice. Probably both! I was excited yesterday to not stop when I didn't like how it looked. That is art, right? Playing playing for not the goal or perfection but for the self-expression. Yay! I love how this turned out. Glitter and all.


  1. WOW,I love it! Always wished I could write and journal,any ideas on how to start, that always stumped me. You're very creative!! Hugs,Gail

  2. Get off facebook already! Your blog misses you.

    Me too.