Monday, July 27, 2009

The book

Once again, I've gotten the message to follow my heart, with passion and convinction... to let go of that ever-present story of self-doubt that I'm not ready or no one will care. Sometimes this road of "follow your heart" confuses me. What the hell does that mean? It's like my absorbtion right now in my spiritual path. I can't touch it, it doesn't have physical form. How am I supposed to spend my time exploring this "path"?

My mom and I were talking about my desire to write a book and how it seems clear that my passion is, hands down, writing on my blog. So while writing a book in the same spirit of the blog (about my life & my growth & journies), where do I start and how do I do this? When I stop writing, where do I go for more inspiration?

In a stroke of genius, she suggested that I simply start by pulling my favorite posts from my blog, then expand from there. Wow, great idea! And wow, holy lots of posts on my blog. But at least it gives me actions I can take every day to work towards this goal...

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