Thursday, July 09, 2009

God Bless America! Land of the Free!

Katia, Lucia and Alma-Luisa came for another visit over the 4th of July, and yet again I had another amazing time bonding with little Lulu. One of my favorite memories, that always happens when I see her, is she'll holler out "AUNTIE H, AUNTIE H, please come here!". Or "AUNTIE H, AUNTIE H, I need you". Oh it warms my heart. On the walk to Folsom field for the fireworks show, we had the whole Katia's extended family in tow, and Lucia held both my mom and my hand. We were both completely mesmerized by her and listened to her little stories as we swung hands.

In honor of Michael Jackson, the gang put on our duds and went to what we thought was a Michael Jackson tribute BAND at the Fox. Alas, we arrive and it was not only just a DJ but it was more of a disco fever night. So every 4th song was MJ. Ah well. Amy continued to impress us all with her stellar moves. Wow she's an awesome dancer!

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