Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Time to talk about the good shit

After my Psychic class on Saturday, I got in touch (yet again) with a lot of blocks in my belly. Over the past few years I've done some healing around this area. And, true to form and you know me, I'm gonna talk the straight shit. Literally! Stop here if your name is KK or you don't want to hear about poop.

My dad and I have this joke about once when we were in the grocery store looking for the laxative tea but I was too embarrassed to tell him exactly what I was looking for.

When we found it he was like "OH! Poop tea" (and we laughed uncontrollably)! It's been such an uncomfortable topic for me to talk about how infrequently I "go" that my therapist and I made a code word for this... that's right, Winnie the Poo!

I've worked for years with a nutritionist whose sole measure of good health is well-formed poo. She says the sign of worst health is frequest loose poo. Well-formed is like a floating light brown banana. Are you grossed out yet?!

Anyway... I haven't made much progress and truly travel is the worst! I had tried what I thought was "everything", but lately two things have come into my world that have shown me there are other options indeed.

One is my new friend Shaya who is a kick-ass nutritionist: She's prescribed all sorts of stuff and has ordered a food intolerances test. She does these totally cool palpations on your body to diagnose where the imbalances are. Essentially my adrenals are shot and my guts inflammed. She put me on an Aruvedic herb called Triphala to tonify and move the colon.

The second is some healing work I started doing more in the spirit of energetic healing. More on this later, I'm sure, as I am officially signed up for the Advanced Clairvoyant Training, starting in August. Surprised I'm doing yet another wild thang? I did a reike session with my friend Julie and after that my belly is so relaxed that I look like I'm four months pregnant and I'm not even joking (and I swear the "after" shot below isn't me pushing out my gut, it really is just at its relaxed state). What happened to those stellar abs? Guess they were trying to hold in all that shit so hard... the illusion of my fantastic abs is officially shattered!


  1. Anonymous12:15 AM

    What a splendid tummy,having done Judo for 36 years you will live longer if you soften every day. The softer you become the stronger you become.

    Leigh UK

  2. Anonymous9:50 PM

    Dang. I should have stopped. KK :)