Friday, July 24, 2009

Working from home

Here's how to impress your coworkers:

While during a conference call with 20 people from your extended team, answer your cell phone while you don't realize your home phone is NOT on mute and say "dude I'm on the couch, hold on" to the other person.

The only thing that made me feel better all day was that I was once on a conference call and someone (had to have been a guy due to the force and volume) started peeing. Luckily there were too many people on the call to point fingers. And luckily for that poor fellow he realized it before he flushed.

Suffice to say I am MORTIFIED. KK reminded me the other night of the last time I was that embarrassed - I was 16 learning to drive a stick but we chose a very inappropriate location and inappropriate time... in the parking lot of a mall next to a Haunted House where 100's of teenagers were outside waiting in line. So the car jerked and choked, jerked and stalled about 20 times, all while my friends in the car did nothing but die laughing at me. Seriously? You couldn't have helped me out? I probably wouldn't have either.

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