Monday, August 17, 2009

I love my job '09

I changed my computer password to Ilovemyjob09 a few months ago, and it's almost bizarre how much that almost rings true today. I was so frustrated for so long about the difficulty of working from home and that was my focus every day. I woke up unmotivated to do much work and feeling like my job was sucking the lifeforce out of me. Today I feel enormouse gratitude to have so much space in my day that I can create my schedule each day in any way that works for me. I've been trying to focus on going to the gym in the morning, taking a relaxing lunch break and then closing out the day with a nice ritual to wrap up the work goo spilling into my space in the evening. Now that it's the last two months of the government fiscal year, where they realize it's time to dump their funds and fast, I've been pretty pumped up! It feels good to be busier. I made my little magic sales sheet with every deal I want to close. My quota is $435k and my "commit" or deals I promise to close is $375k. Given that I have best case $300k I can close, I am asking "the universe" to send me at least another $75k.

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