Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Post already!

Hello from Blog Slacker! I've as usual been out and around, having a great time in life. A few pics from my friend Julie's bday... one of my best friend's Katie... Niki with her twin JT (who pulled a Martha and made red velvet cupcakes) and daily crew of BFs Kate B, Shaya and Katie.

I just got back from a trip to San Diego and got to spend time with my two favorite cousins, Brooke and Morgan, Matt and my Aunt Nini. I could just cry by this picture of me squeezing them, they will always be my "little" girls.

And then here's just a super cute, as always, picture of Lulu & Sammy that KK sent me. And... someday, mark my words, I'm going to buy some music mixing software and be my own DJ. It will probably just be to record my own mash-ups, but I'm constantly surprised by how crappy DJs are in small club venues. Whatev's! Plug in my ipod Yo!

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  1. Whoa. Is Kate a Katie now? How did that happen.

    another blog slacker