Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I woke up this morning with the image of beginning my morning by candlelight, stretching my body through yoga postures, filling my lungs with long deep breaths, taking a moment to sip my tea and take in the sunrise, then sitting down for my morning journaling (versus immediately grabbing my blackberry and reading empty emails, texts, facebook posts). Then, later, on my run, I imagined every day working on my art journal. There's something so fulfilling about making art. I think I need a workspace - how could I possibly squeeze anything else into my little condo?! Here's some of my recent pages:


  1. oooh!! I love your art journal. I am making one too: my Dream book. Maybe we should have a tea and art night together soon. LOVE you.

  2. That sounds awesome. Except I don't know who you are! :-)

  3. I know! It is Shakti. I am trying to fix that right now. My blogger situation is poor. I do my blog on my website. I am hoping to merge them.
    Love you.