Friday, January 08, 2010

Messages from them for me

After receiving the beautiful reading from Lynne, I sat quietly and listened for any other messages. Here's what I wrote:

Take care to feel take care to heal. This is your time. Letting go requires faith you can trust. It is right and good to trust, it is the natural order. Right now is time to engage your senses, to extend your experience of yourself. There is harmony inside of you. Start your day remembering. It's been a long time. Everything is perfect in this moment.

[About work] The empty vessel scares you because you believe it will dry up. That is your reality you are creating. Be peaceful and accepting of yourself. Do not punish. Go inside. Consider it a fresh start. This template is for you. A learning will happen in the process. You are right to keep stopping. This is how you train. Train to be loose. Train to shake it up as you toss dice in the air. Keep playing the game. This will deepen your understanding of how energy works. And energy is at the source or at cause of everything.

[About money] Again you need to let go. There is nothing wrong. You don't have to take care of people. This is a mutual relationship and everyone is healing. Listen and follow resources who arrive. Books. People.

[Relationships] Know that you are the center of the apex. Riding the high. Do not tumble. Be still and observe the wild mind. Word to the wise: harmony is found in relationship where there is love.

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