Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Once again...

One again, prosperity strikes!
Sales Q1
  • NOV $ 7,680
  • DEC $ 139,324
  • JAN $ 177,477
  • TOTAL $ 324,480

In November I totally forgot to create my goals / inspiration sheet for work. And, as you can see, I sold a miserable $7k. In December I posted my display, with the intent to book $180k for November & December combined. I booked $139k and honestly, felt no failure or dismay or lack. I thought, oh, that's progress!

It's slightly cut off but you can see my total Q1 (Nov-Jan) # was $300k. My quota is only $220k for Q1, but as of yesterday I hit $324k. Honest to God, these are REALLY HIGH numbers! And month after month, prosperity and abundance continues to follow my intention. The ease and grace of it all falling into place feels SO good. The more I relax, the more it flows.

Even better? My boss called me a few weeks ago asking me to book more business. It wasn't coming from pressure, it came from him knowing I could book more. Our team wasn't bringing in the #s and he told me he trusts how I run my business and trusted me to do what I do I'm good at. I honestly wrote down the words he was saying so I could replay them in my mind. It was very meaningful to me, especially since my overall intention for 2010 is to celebrate my success and know that my actions are what cause my victories. It is not luck. It is not woo woo magic. I put out the energy and it comes back to me because I am a powerhouse. Or, as my friend Sarah said the other day, "You're a SHOTGUN! You are fierce going after what you want and you always end up there, you don't stop". I sense a new nickname coming!

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