Monday, January 25, 2010

scrub scrub scrub

Sam & Lucia ~ innocence!

I try to go every Saturday to where I'm taking my Psychic course, where we give readings. If there is no "readee", we read each other. I never imagined that I'd be giving psychic readings, but every reading I get better and better. I remember weekend one where they said that when you give readings, you receive a healing. This is one of the reasons I go every Saturday. I feel cleansed, relaxed, connected and purified! On Saturday it was no one but us students, so I got a reading. I always walk away with the perfect message for the moment. So here it goes...

Past life as a sort of chamber maid; scrub, scrub, scrub. There was a seriousness, a hard life and I was stuck forever in lower class. However, I had a hearty and steadfast ability to be optimistic. I was able to deal with hardships because of my strong spirit, and I had a way of living in peace because I understood joy came from my inner world. But there was a stuffing down harder issues, not dealing with the reality of the struggle.

In this life, my lesson is to develop a deeper understanding of spirit and service. My first response to making difficult situations positive is valuable, but there's a way that this re-framing is simply a cover-up, glossing over what hurts. And now there is an opportunity for me to go deeper and discover that darkness and pain can be a part of a bigger picture for someone's, or my own, life plan. The lesson here is to be neutral, to allow, to witness, to not effort and try to change the situation. To allow and call it perfect as it is.

I also have a very strong and open Heart (4th chakra), with a big capacity for generosity and healing, a natural desire to help and heal others. I am able to calm and soothe, and an ability to love unconditionally, asking for nothing in return. My trust in the universe is strong, and connecting with others brings me great joy.

Final message: trust in energy coming back to me. No need to work at it... just receive. I have a good heart, and this will come back to me. Need to trust. Becoming more calm yet more fun and joyful.

ps Katia I was re-reading this and left in the "to where" because I know you love that expression oh so much.

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