Wednesday, April 28, 2010

And on to the next thing!

I'm sooo excited, I decided that I'm finally ready to swap out this massive brown leather chair in my living room. When I originally brought it home I knew it was too big for the space but kept it anyway because I couldn't find anything else in my price range.
Yesterday I bought this gorgeous cognac colored chair which I think will let more light into my room, plus won't be so heavy and brown in the space. I have a lot of dark woods already so I needed something lighter.

I'm also getting ready to look at darker and warmer tones to paint the kitchen and entry way as I don't think the yellow goes very well with the new floors. My friend came over yesterday and gave me lots of interior design recommendations, yay to have a professional eye! He thought a nice deep olive green would look good on the fireplace. It's now red and will totally clash with my red chair!

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