Sunday, April 04, 2010

Remodel updates!

Kitchen has been 3/4 way demo'd and Willow finds interesting places to explore. Note the 1970's orange & yellow vinyl floor! The new cabinets come in April 14th (two weeks late, hence me living in camping conditions in the kitchen since demo was already scheduled). Tomorrow my tile person comes in so my bathroom will be almost finished. I never thought about all the extra things that will need to be done, like repair around the door frame from the hack job my installers caused. Also they broke up tile on the floor so I have to match 30 year old grout (j/k) to put them back in. Oh and the blue walls are going to look hideous with the new tile so new paint is needed. But despite it all I'm having a great time and very happy.

Out of everything so far, I'm so geeked out excited and happy about my new sink & faucet. I was just going to re-use the old stuff but then decided to splurge. Isn't it gorgeous? And even better, I read the directions and installed it myself. Which was NOT easy but now I'm a total pro. There were some funny challenges, including - in picture below - the pipe's being in alignment. A little help from Home Depot and realized I could pull it out from the wall to match!


  1. Can;t see the pictures! Ack. Suspense!

  2. Picking out paint today! It's kind of a bummer bc the woman who does tile also does killer paint jobs but she is soooo booked so I'll have to wait for a while to get her to paint it. Because of the horrible job the contractors did ripping out my door frame, there's a lot of wall repair for her to do before painting, otherwise I would do it myself. It looks good with the tile floor, right?