Friday, April 23, 2010

close but no cigar!

Today was supposed to have been the celebratory "I'm 98.5% done" day (the tile is in, the counter moulding set, microwave up and the plumber came to hook it all up.). But sweet Mr. Plumber takes one look and very calmly says "did you know your sink doesn't fit in this hole?". The bottom line is the hole for the sink is too small. The sink "sits" in the hole, but there are rails around the under-rim of the sink edges that are the way that the sink gets clamped in place. So the rails are sitting on top of the tile and they should be flush with the tile. I just thought that 1/4" gap between the sink edge and the tile was where the caulk went.

First I went into shock. Then I went in the bathroom to cry and texted my mom! Next came the most comforting band-aid in the world, she hugged me and said "aw, sweetie, it's going to be okay."

After a lovely pep talk and visit from my dear friend who has remodeled three of her kitchens (and I'm talking by her own hands), I shall repeat the following mantras:

1) This is not my fault - The experts are supposed to know how to do this and that is why I pay them

2) This is not my fault - There is no reason I should have known how big or small to cut a sink hole.

3) This is not my fault - I shouldn't have to have read the directions. That's someone else's job.

All my disappointment, frustration, exhaustion and anger aside, here's what I also realize - we are all human. We make mistakes, and probably most often we didn't mean to. In class the other day the instructor talked about how when we get upset with a situation or with someone, we can use that as an opportunity to forgive ourselves for times when we were being that same way. So I'm going to keep reminding myself of times when I was rushing around too fast and didn't take enough time to fully read the directions. Or when I thought I was doing something perfectly correct and was blindsided by my embarrassing error.

Oh, and my brand new slick shiny expensive microwave has a small dent in the front. I guess I have to forgive myself for times I've door-dinged someone and ran :-)

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  1. Anonymous2:11 PM

    I love your sense of humor! Like your door dinging karma is now paid in complete! I don't know if your mom told you or not, but our oven died right before she came to visit us last year. We still haven't been able to buy a new one. But when we do, we'll have those same kind of nighmares, because it will have to slide into the island perfectly......I learned a lesson from your email. take my time and measure like crazy!!!! Thanks, A. B.