Saturday, April 24, 2010

Ding dong

Pretty bathroom, new paint yay!

Ah, oh this feels sooo good. Isn't it pretty! Note the matching kitchen & hall light. Very happy with the overall look.

Pretty new microwave!

But ooph, yes that is a ding on the bottom right.

Question... should your moulding show unfinished nail holes?

I think not. What to do?!
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  1. Wowee wow! It's looks awesome. Congratulations! It's amazing how much work it is, isn't it? And how much more work that you ever thought it would be. I'm proud of you chicky!

  2. Anonymous9:40 PM

    It does look great! Oh, and for the holed in the molding: spackle it! If you're careful & precise w/ the spackle, you won't even need to paint over it. Remember all those holes in the walls in college?

    KK :)

  3. Splendid! I have been on a long extended vacation from the blogoshpere, but so nice to come back and see the loveliness! And that chair, I am dying, it kills me the beauty of it. My ass is coveting.

    I miss you. Would love to see you.