Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Holding the line

1. Something that indicates a border or limit.
2. The border or limit so indicated.

I've been presented with the opportunity to set a limit with someone. At first glance it's an interaction and a person's style that I could complain about to others. It would certainly be easier to bitch about it than to take it on, especially given the person's STRONG personality. And, indeed it would be easy to find agreement from others that this person is going about it the "wrong" way!

However, I decided to take this on differently. I spoke a very clear boundary, a statement of "this is how this will go" and "this is what I'm willing to do and not willing to do". I look at is as drawing a line and saying NO, NO and if you were in doubt NO, instead of asking permission or requesting they respond a different way.

I'm proud of myself because usually I try and smooth over or avoid conflict so it doesn't escalate. I've been very clear and firm in my communication regarding this situation, and if there is a response of disagreement, I truthfully do not care and am unwilling to do anything other than what works for me. It feels good to practice that it's absolutely okay, even more than okay, to do exactly what I'm willing to do and what makes me feel good.

So there!

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  1. Anonymous1:40 AM

    Oh good progress.