Saturday, April 24, 2010

I will not sink.

So here's the deal. On a wing and a prayer, if we pop the right row of tile & grout, the bottom row of tile & grout, the sink hole could be just barely perfect. I'm talking with an error margin of 1/8". Don't know if my measurements and pictures below make sense, but they do to me, after a lot of sweating (and by sweating I mean out of my eyes).

yeah, that's not what you call flush with the sink

The sink directions say front-to-back cutout should be 21 3/8". Measuring from the back tile to the front tile to tile (when removed) width is 21 1/2".

The sink directions say left-to-right cutout should be 24 3/8". Measuring from left to right tile to tile (when removed) depth is 24 6/8"

Oh, yeah. The rails. Very de-railing.

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