Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Bolder Boulder 2010

Patricia, Shaya and I decided to train for a half marathon together. We dubbed ourselves "Team Shalicia", and slugged away for months. My mom would join in and bike alongside us, and then she got the bug and started training too! We were SO PROUD of her when she decided to run the Bolder Boulder with us as well. It will always be a very fond family memory for me. The family that exercises together...
Oh, and who can forget how everyone showed up to run, and there I was, racing to finish the final coat of paint in my hallway. My mom is so patient, she kept saying, Helen, we have to go. Helen, you need to finish. HELEN PUT YOUR SHOES ON NOW! She got us there on time. Only me thinks I can finish painting a hallway in fifteen minutes - or shall I say, only me CAN finish painting a hallway in fifteen minutes!

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