Friday, July 16, 2010

and the beauty unfolds...

I went to the Lilith Fair on Tuesday and a highlight was hearing my favorite artist of ALL, Sarah Mclachlan. The BIG highlight though was a pretty sweet synchronicity. More and more for the past few years I've developed the firm believe that "wait and receive" is my best policy. In other words, the more masculine MAKE IT HAPPEN, more linear, approach to my goals gets me results that aren't always in my best interest. And, making it happen usually causes a lot of stress for me. For the past few months or so my excitement has been rapidly fading for my job, a lot of it related to not selling. I don't want to say too much other than that as I try not to talk about work on here! Anway, as you know, I've been heading down the track of doing readings in my spare time and lo and behold it's all booming quite nicely... things are coming up roses without me trying at all.

So at the concert, I walked by this woman and thought she looks like Angela Shelton. Angela is someone I've followed for years and find her totally inspiring. She set out in an RV back in 2001 to make a film about women. She called up all the Angela Sheltons she could find in the U.S. and interviewed them. What she found was that over HALF of them were survivors of domestic violence, rape, incest and neglect. The film was called "Searching for Angela Shelton" and was a huge success. Her web bio says it best:

Angela has spoken in Congress, universities, military bases, high schools, elementary schools, community centers, conferences and seminars worldwide. Her multi-award winning film Searching for Angela Shelton put a spotlight on sexual abuse and domestic violence and began a grassroots movement of healing for abuse survivors worldwide. The United States Justice Department presented Angela with a certificate of appreciation for her hard work on behalf of crime victims. She was presented with the Voice of Courage award from Darkness to Light, an organization with the goal of ending childhood sexual abuse. The mayor of Asheville, NC made April 29th Angela Shelton Day in honor of all abuse survivors. Angela has appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Larry King Live, 48 Hours Investigates, NPR, Lifetime Television for Women and the cover of the New York Times. Angela’s memoir, Finding Angela Shelton, is mandatory reading in many Women’s Studies programs. Angela became a Superhero for children and won an Emmy for her performance in The Safe Side video series created by Baby Einstein’s Julie Clark. Angela’s mission is to inspire and empower people to heal and lead joyful lives.

Pretty cool person eh? Anyway I looked twice and when I saw her right food red converse, left foot green converse, I knew it was her. I approached her and she was in Denver for 48 hours showing her film, and happened to be going to Boulder the next day for an hour (how crazy is that coincidence?). So we had lunch and then the next morning I gave her a reading/healing. It totally rocked. I felt so completely free and there was no feeling of power differential, it was a just new friend. She already sent me a referral for a reading. I know and trust it's MY energetic space and freedom of Being that drew someone so successful and bold and totally cool in. She's been such a huge resource in the healing community and I sense that I'll learn from all her experiences over the past few years. Again, pretty cool eh??

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  1. Excellent,a step in the right direction, allways go with the flow, job satisfaction is more important than money,as the old saying goes if you love your job you will never work again.