Sunday, July 18, 2010

Another reading

Since really my work healing with others heals me, I have been looking at what has been coming up in the readings for me to look at. Third client so far that hasn't been wanting to "see" something. It's my fear about money and really the larger lesson about how my value isn't connected to anything external.

So the person I read on Sunday was very powerful for me. I've taken my intuitive/readings to the next layer of healing the physical space for the person I'm reading. While I only put my hands on their feet or top of head, I can see the energy releasing. This particular person was referred by their physical therapist due to persistent pain that hasn't been relieved by years of PT. I had to let go of an outcome that I would relieve the specific physical pain, and I was glad I did because the information that came through was much more about themes for her to look at.

I've also been seeing a lot about the feminine/masculine sides of the body. Feminine (giving/receiving) is the left and Masculine (external goals & protection) is the right. Most women seem to give too much and therefore have physical depletion in the left side of their body. I've been having CRAZY clarity around my seeing of the left/ride side, and the visuals are so intense! It's a real practice to stay objective and not worry about whether or not they "get it" or find it valuable.

she doesn't see
she doesn't speak
she is permeable,
soaks others in

she doesn't see
she doesn't fight
the lion's rage,
a warrior underneath

she doesn't see
she doesn't see
the fear inside,
she doesn't know how

she begins to see
begins to fight
beings to rage
and see her light

good for her!

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