Thursday, July 22, 2010

Fear of change

Do you love this picture or what?!

I'm looking at the energy of my fear and resistance to change.
Predictability and comfort stand in opposition to change.
Capital C.

But predictability is static, like an idling car.
Will run out of gas or like a laptop, go to sleep.
And yes, I've been asleep. Snoozing.
Literally, figuratively.
Resistance to change. Fear of change.

How much of that fear is mine and how much others?
I'm used to more of a black and white change.
I'm quitting this job and starting that one.
Things aren't working in this relationship so let's cut it off.

And yet there is a pool of energy,
a bubbling of excitement ready to burst...
the ready spring of a lion
getting ready to amp up my energy,
to a new level, a higher vibration

me having permission to choose
letting go of the fear of what may come
as I leave something and hold space for another

I'm not speaking in tongues, by the way! I don't know what I'm leaving but as usual I'm rambling out my thoughts and feelings with not much forethought or editing for that matter. What I have been appreciating lately is going back to a random month in my blog's history and reading about what I was working on then. Pretty cool to have that look-back!

1 comment:

  1. Golden lines - "ready spring of a lion"
    and "there is a pool of energy, a bubbling of excitement ready to burst" and
    "predictability is static, like an idling car" !
    (What I do love about that line is that the car is filled with gas and can take off as soon as the driver puts his foot to the medal!)