Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The orchid reading

Today, she was an orchid....
Playing under the willow tree as a little girl...

The images I get for readings are so beautiful and they just unfold and become more rich and detailed as I speak about them. Now that I'm working with absolute strangers, I have a lot of nervousness because I don't know if what I'm saying resonates. Where this whole psychic thing started in the first place was that after I meet people, the more we talk the more I share with them about who they are. The more we talk the more I see. I've practiced so many readings on my friends that I'm able to USE all that I know about them personally (their stories, their insecurities, their hopes etc.), and it makes the reading feel very rich to me. Plus, after the session and then next time I see them, we're able to talk about how things resonated for them. They validate me and what I said/saw. This whole stranger business, wow it's pushing me to the limit! It's definitely hard hard hard not to hear them after the reading talk about what it meant, did it hit home for them, etc.

During today's today, the Orchid woman asked me to read her dog, then she said two different dog names (N & T). I was confused and she said T had just passed but was in a good place, so read N. My mistake was I didn't close the communication with the deceased dog, and a good way into the reading she said, "I think that's T that you're reading!". She then described how T was and that was *absolutely* the energy I was seeing. She was goofy and happy and bouncing around, whereas N is this more serious, grounded and quiet dog! On the one hand it was cool (validating) that I had nailed T's energy, but I got super thrown off by that and felt kind of silly. It took me a long while to get back into a reading space to see clearly, but I'm learning. I'll remember that for a long time!


  1. Anonymous5:51 PM

    A big big lesson for me is letting go of getting it right and trusting absolutely everything that comes out of my mouth as source. There are no mistakes. Trust youself. You are an amazingly powerful healer without needing to try, without effort. When we focus on our own pictures and healing we can genuinely be a healing for all. Right?! Love yourself, you are so loveable. Focus on what's flowing, what's going well.