Sunday, July 11, 2010

Psychic babble & in honor of the pooch Canella

Well, all that psychic school has really taught me something after all.

I was at a workshop yesterday, for doing house and business healings, and the two other women who had taken the four month animal communication class with me (Barbara & Sarah) were there. I actually almost ditched the class, I just have had so much going on and haven't had a full weekend to myself... but decided I would go in for the first two hours. You can usually call in by phone but something had me go into the Center. I remember being surprised to see both Sarah and Barbara there, I just didn't expect them to take that class for some reason

At break, Barbara brought her little doggie Canella in, who we had done some healings on in our previous class. Immediately I realized something was wrong, Canella sounded like a combination of a bad asthma attack, laryngitis and coughing. Her tongue was hanging altogether too far out of her month, off to the side and was a very dark color. I knew she was very old and Barbara said she had gotten over-heated in the car. Hope, our instructor, started up class again but could tell that the 15 of us in the room were distracted with concern for Canella. So Barbara took Canella in the other room, and when I saw Sarah get up and follow, so did I.

For the next 30 minutes I realized exactly why I had come to class, it was to help Canella and Barbara. We had just done a class on "setting the space" for an animal's death, and the magic that happened in the room was palpable. It was totally surreal, at times the three of us would look up and say something like we would in class, "I'm going to work on her lungs now to help her breathe" or "I'm sending her cobalt blue" (visualizing cobalt blue is a very powerful pain-antidote). It was just like we were in class, in synch, all of us focused on helping Canella.

The most powerful work I did, though, was around fear. After a year of clairvoyant classes (which I'm realizing I haven't talked much here about), it's boiled down to a few nuggets, some core lessons. It's kind of hard not to get into psycho-babble, so I'll try to break it down. My instructors have said over and over that to "give a healing" ALL you have to do is "blow your matching pictures". Oy this is hard to describe. Basically, bottom line, I felt Canella's fear. She was scared and confused and wasn't understanding that she was approaching death. I "matched" her fear, I "lit up" with my own fear (it was very scary watching a living being not be able to breathe! I didn't know how to "help" her and I couldn't do anything to help, actually. I was afraid of if she died, I was afraid of if she didn't die, etc). So all I did in that moment was to work on energetically "blowing up" my fear pictures. See, these words?! That's what it's been like in class, trying to understand in my head what they mean about how all I have to do when I give a healing is blow my own stuff. But oh my god did I get it! The emotions I were feeling were SO INTENSE and so raw, it was crazy. There was no escape. I could have escaped it by letting all the tension go into my body, but what I did was take it out of my body. It was surreal and I really really got the gift it is to give a healing. It's a healing for me actually. They say that over and over but I really get it. I got to dissolve FEAR. Not fear "of" xyz but just FEAR itself.

At one point our friend Stacia - also in the room - said that she thought that Canella needed to complete her heart-to-heart connection with Barbara and know that she was going to be okay. When we turned back from looking at Stacia saying that, Canella had gotten up in Barbara's lap and was practically up in her neck on her heart! Barbara began to rock her and tell her she could go, that she would be okay, and sweet Canella took her final breaths. Tears all around.

It all flowed from there, we could see her running around as she met up with Penny, her old doggie friend who had died a few years back. She was so happy and excited and free, she could breathe! After a bit though she started to realize what was happening and that she would have to say good-bye to Barbara. She came back over to Barbara, laid her head in her lap, and then the entire room lifted and I could feel her spirit leave. This lightness of Being and sense of high vibration / Spirit filled us all.

Isn't that intense? Amazing! Beautiful. Synchronicity. Validating.


  1. Thanks for sharing that. Really amazing. I might need help when my kitties go. Not yet, but they are older, and I'd just want them to feel safe as they are skittish beings and I feel they are glued to me for safety. Would love a reading too from you. You've given me golden nuggets in casual ways over the years. Maybe a more formal reading?

  2. Helen, I can't find your reply now for some odd reason...what would the next steps be?

    : )