Tuesday, July 06, 2010

So long... farewell...

We got my mom all packed off for her new adventures in Stockton. Before she left I put together a long slideshow of some favorite pictures of her (as her "60th birthday present" - only a year and a half late!). This was originally meant to be put into a book but there are so so many I don't know which ones to put in. here's some of my favorites from her childhood.

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  1. Aunt Barbara2:04 PM

    Sweet Helen,
    I loved those pictures!!! Now I have to figure out how to print them! And I was the little baby in the picture where Mom was holding a baby.....I remember Kate so well in that picture with the horse, because that was about the time that I had to start taking care of her horse(s). She had mono, then pneumonia, then mono again. My horse was sweet and calm, hers were mean and aggressive.....That was the end of me ever wanting to have a horse again! Thanks for the memories!
    And I did not know that Kate was going to Stockton....what's up with that?
    Lots of love, A. B.