Sunday, July 25, 2010

Summer Scenes

Who can guess what these nasty things are? The answer is in my comments section!

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  1. From Facebook on how to get rid of those gnats from plants!

    Claire Éclair Lay find a smoker, bum a cigarette and empty the tobacco into the soil. If it's a big pot, you may need 3 or more cigarettes to cover. Spread it around and mix it in a bit. Those gnats are probably fungus gnats and the nicotine in the tobacco keeps them from being able to lay eggs.
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    Claire Éclair Lay After you've done that, don't water so much--they are a sign of mild overwatering.
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    Jane Dough soapy water in a spray bottle.coat the leaves let it dry.possibly change dirt too.
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    Michele Lauritzen Meydenbauer Put some dish soap in your water bottle, so you have lots of bubbles, then water the plant. After 2-3 waterings they should be gone... Then have a glass of wine and relax. Do this with nearby plants too so they don't just relocate. Then start watering from the bottom of the plant if possible and they won't come back. B=)
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    Randall Davis awesome... cause a plant of mine has the same issue... thanks for the info.
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    Jules Pellerin Careful, they will get in all of your other plants. I had them once and had to get rid of a bunch of plants.
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    Helen Kearney Claire I had a feeling you might know! Thanks everyone for the assistance, that's why I love FB so...
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    Nancy Stubbs The soap thing worked for me -- sortof. It took a couple of applications, but I still had the little buggers flying around. What really did the trick, though, was applying compost tea that I purchased a couple of times from EcoCycle (over on Old Pearl). They sell it during the summer on Wednesdays only. My houseplants are healthier, producing bigger leaves, and since the soil is healthier, no more bugs! One plant that was very nearly dead has come back to life as a result. I swear by this stuff!
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    Caroline Kert BTW, when you have Bobo's suggested glass of wine, you can leave out a glass with some in the bottom (that or a sweet liquor). You'll find a bunch of drowned buggies in the morning.
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    Lindsey Wohlman another suggestion is to put an 1/2 inch think layer of sand in the pots. they cant burrow in sand and cant lay eggs.
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    Theresa Lombardo vinegar/water mix sprayed on plant :)
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    Jane Dough so cool all the ideas....esp the tobacco one. forgot that one
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    Helen Kearney I wonder if I did them what kind of wine/vinegar/dishsoap/tobacco aroma would be like...
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    Kelly Notaras I had exactly this problem for a very long time, and I second the suggestion of sand. Every plant in my house has an inch of sand on top and no more gnats. You can buy a mini-bag at McGuck's for about $2. :)
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    Sherry Dottie Gale Dowling you could quit mating w/the gnats...that would stop the process :)
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    Athena Lund spray Neem oil.
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    Nini Frank I hit the like button on all I agreed with, some I never heard of before. The other thing Bob used on ours was the oil for Tiki torches!!! In the end, we had to get rid of the plants though, too many bugs.
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