Sunday, August 01, 2010

hundred grand...

What would you do if $100k (net) dropped into your lap? I'm asking this call tonight on my women's abundance circle call. No surprise here:

  1. Quit my job
  2. Build my coaching business
  3. Write my book
In the past when I would ask myself that question, I would definitely NOT quit my job. This was a great feeling, a confirmation, that my life was complete and I was totally content. Not so anymore. However, I'm trying to focus on why this job is perfect for me right now.

Also, I had a realization last night. As much as I fear losing my job, or not having enough in savings (to cover months when I don't sell enough to cover bills), there's one thing in my back pocket that's a nice reserve - my BMW! Feel pretty sure I could get $7k for it, and wow that could hold me over for months. That was a great relief for some reason.


  1. hi helen, first of all, don't quit your job, let them release you and you'll be fine... go with the slower months and let some other star'll be back up in no time..i think hp is a great job for's flexible ....that is worth a have no one breathing down your neck and you don't have to's good.

    so let them take the first action...and you might want to play lotto now and then.
    see ya

  2. Subhadra9:00 AM

    Is the $ being given to you or attached to a job? $ eventually runs out we should always have stable secure income….if you took the 100k I would try to only live off the interest & not spend the principal. This is my best advise. I saw US bank advertise 1.3% so on 100k that would yield $1300 monthly!