Monday, October 18, 2010


Introducing yet another fun dress-up party! And it looks like I have a new Doppelgänger, Bristol Palin. The theme of this burning man Decompression party was "Suburbia"so I went for the pregnant teenager who preaches abstinence. In fact she is the Teen Abstinence Ambassador. Isn't that awesome?
Shaya killed it in her '60s housewife getup - complete with press-on nails and martini.
Amy & Ronica directing the traffic
Caroline & Nate (who was very proud of his pipe, by the way)
With all that jumping around, I had to hold on tight to my baby so it wouldn't fall out.
Bob! I never knew...
All silliness aside, and as you'll see by a coming blog post, this 38th year I'm cooking up some big life transitions, and as usual I'm speaking them before they happen: marriage, baby, house, garden and new profession! In that order, I'm not sure? So the foam that was stuffed in front of my belly oddly simulated pregnancy quite well and was a bit of a reality check. It was pressing on my belly so I was very aware of it, and all through the night I had to sort of squat or move around it when I would bend over. Waddle waddle waddle. Look out, new reality, here I come!

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