Thursday, October 14, 2010

Visiting the Mother ship

After a long blog break... I'm back! Patricia and I went to visit my mom in Stockton, CA. She's uber happy, loving her new job which is proving to be the big challenge she hoped it would be. We were really excited to see that she lives in the safest part of down and next to this beautiful path right on the water, lots of trees and birds! There's even a farmer's market on Sundays right across the street. It's not Boulder but it's working for her!

Sisters who have belt clips on their cell phones are Very Important People.
We drove northeast about an hour through the rolling golden hills up to Sutter Creek, a well-preserved gold town from the mid to late 1800's. Really beautiful.

Then KK drove over from San Francisco with her little man Sammy. As you can see she's got another one growing in there and it's a girl! Can't wait to meet her.

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