Saturday, November 06, 2010

I am a phenonmenon! I am a winner!

Sound familiar?

I had this vedic astrology reading and it was super bold and made me giggle a lot. We got into co-creating this path that I'm on, with me trying to "figure out" what that even means, what it is that I'm doing (is it therapy? is it coaching?) and where it's heading. Wow the answers were so fun and affirming.

Her first words to me were "Helen, you are a WINNER. Do not put yourself in a box because there is nothing quite like you. You are a PHENOMENON like Oprah!". Then she went on to compare me to Angelina Jolie... who is "a mysterious, slightly twisted and edgy Humanitarian". She could as well have made it a trifecta of my three greatest heroes (Jane Fonda being the third).

I've tried everything over the years to find a profession that is really fun and inspiring for me. I've done career coaching and workbooks to see where I fit in. No industry, no role, no job ever felt like a click. For about two years now I've known and been clear that I would have to create something. That has been so scary. I knew that making my work into art is the only way I would be fulfilled. And, well, damn. This has been confirmed. Now it's time to really trust those paint strokes, explore with total abandon what the hell this really will look like!

She also said AUTHOR and ENTREPRENEUR - all from the foundation of empowering women through their spiritual transformation. Of course, author fits and feels great. Under the umbrella of entrepreneur she saw film, TV, radio, speaking in front of large groups, podcasts, e-books, and one-on-one coaching only for uber powerhouse women (meaning ridiculous hourly rate). Um. Wow. I got really overwhelmed when she suggested a potential model like Ali Brown. This chick is big-time, and her website is glossy & slick. Frankly I was a bit turned off in terms of the pure capitalist flavor of Ali's business. But then I remembered how much the astrologer emphasized that my niche is that of a healer, a spiritual leader "almost like an Evangelist" and "helping already powerful women to get unstuck and move forward". I like that.

So my homework right now is to be finding models of women who are motivational speakers, women who have created their enterprise. I think of deeply spiritual leaders like Byron Katie, Julia Cameron, Esther & Jerry Hicks. They sell not only a large portfolio of products (CDs, Books, calendars, journals) but lead workshops and speak around the world. I need to get comfortable with the scale of their brand but also the revenue streams they have created for themselves. For me this is about letting go of the thinking that earning that much money is bad, and expanding into how would I use that money? Where can I contribute? How can I continue the gift-receive-give-receive cycle?

Lastly, regarding film, what delightful things are going to come of this! I won't say more right now but Shaya and I have an idea we are super excited about for a documentary about powerful women. We are still in brainstorming mode but it's going to be so fun and so easy for me. This is a sign that I'm on the right track!

a : a rare or significant fact or event
b : an exceptional, unusual, or abnormal person, thing, or occurrence

P.S. For years I have searched for a "theme song" that represents my life, that I could play anytime and would reliable get me into a powerful place, which made me smile and feel free. Here it is... "Magic" by B.o.B

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  1. Hi Helen,

    My advice about the sales job is to look at it as the funding for your film project and your next venture. That might give you the fire of competition to close a deal. All that it takes right now is a shift in your mind and then getting money just becomes part of the strategic plan.

    You don’t have issues with money or influential people who help you become successful. You just need the ambition to activate this part of your karma. So hopefully our conversation sparked some ambition. The sales job is just a means to an end — so go for it, baby, and close a big deal before the end of the year and then take off on your adventure (closing more deals from the road as you need money).

    Blessings to you,