Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Pray for rain

In just a few days (January 31st), our first quarter will be over. The pressure is on from upper management. I desperately need three specific deals to come through. I already have one of them but the PO isn't pulling up in our internal system and therefore I could have to wait until the customer's procurement software is back online February 7th to correct.

I'm envisioning receiving two emails from the procurement departments who are taking advantage of our huge discounts we are offering, for January purchase only. I feel kind of sick about it because I need them not just for my paycheck but also for my team and my manager. My performance impacts his ability to pull through on the numbers he's committed to his management, and so on. My issue with sales is that my sense of success really relies on something external -> in other words yes, I can work on my self-esteem and positive thoughts of "it's okay, next month" or "you're doing everything you can".

But in sales, trying hard or positive thinking does nothing for the painful one-on-ones I have to have Tuesdays at 2pm with my boss. I get grilled. I get told what I'm doing wrong. I get asked what else I'm going to do to make it happen. It doesn't really feel in my control. When the customer has the quotes and tells me they are reviewing them, what else can I do besides following up, repeat calls, trying to emphasize the big discounts aren't valid after January 31st? In the face of all my fears, I pray for these two emails to bing into my inbox, the subject - PO!

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