Monday, May 30, 2011

Bolder Boulder

Instead of running the Bolder Boulder Memorial Day 10k race this year (as we did family-style last year), I got up at 6am to go make breakfast for Office Woop Woop. That's right! Our Joshie is 30! Congratulations, now you're really an adult. Josh works the night shift now so we wanted to surprise him when he got off at 7am. However, he had a late call so by 8am when he rolled in I was passed out on the couch.

It was weird not to be part of the race hubbub this year - I still remember the Roche days when I ran for the company team (we miss you momma!) so I did make it over to see the professional runners race. It was awesome! Wow they are lightening fast. After they run past, you can go about three blocks where they will eventually run past for the final mile. It was shocking how much distance was between the runners by that point.

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