Thursday, May 26, 2011

Hello, my loyal friends

Well, after buying the domain and moving my whole blog to wordpress, I decided to keep this little bloggity blog after all. Last year when I let go of my beat up blackberry and got the uber new Droid Incredible, I was so psyched to be caught up with the rest of the speedy world and these touch screens. Shortly after, I realized I didn't like not having actual buttons for typing, I couldn't type fast anymore. I also wanted to blog more frequently from my phone, so thought maybe if I got a fancier blog service it would be easier through my phone. Wordpress is not any better than blogspot. Foiled, frustrated and suffering from a writer's dry spell, I return here, to my laptop and to my good friend, blogspot. The biggest feature I don't like is not being able to upload mass amounts of photos at a time (you have to select them one by one). So, I'm back! Blogger is familiar to me and I like blogging!

So what's Wonder Woman been doing all these months?
Well. I went to Maui for a vacation, all expenses paid (it was a work trip).
Other than that, working my ass off.
Pushing, Sweating, Pulling.
Building, Growing, Strategizing.
Marketing, Analyzing, Reviewing.
This new work partnership has been challenging.
Running a company with someone is a lot.
But we are making progress!
Doing my best to stay drama-free.

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  1. Anonymous9:04 AM

    You are back! So happy to have you back. Love how all those emotions can fit together. Sounds like you are staying present, letting them float by and not attaching to them (hence drama!)