Monday, May 30, 2011

"Summer" kick-off

Shaya and I trekked up to Estes Park Sunday for a big hike... which turned into meandering around the park for an hour as our indecisive selves couldn't commit to a trail to hike. Luckily we stopped at one of those helpful "information" depots and they told us about 90% of all the trails are too deep in snow to hike. WUH?? So we settled for a nice five miler with a couple gentle hills, nice shady forrest and some killer views. I commit to hiking more in our great state more this summer!

The picture of the tree at the bottom is evidence of the pine beetle infestation that is devastating our beautiful mountain tree-scape. The puffs of tree sap are where they bore into the tree, tiny little holes, sucking the life out of the tree. It's so sad.
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