Thursday, June 16, 2011

What I want now

Build my practice
* Private Sessions
* Groups
* Teach a class

Develop my gifts
* Volume of Sessions
* Take courses
* Receive guidance & mentoring

Have space & freedom in my schedule
* Time for my friends
* Explore, travel & see new places
* Take good care of myself every day

Part-time job
* Regular income, health insurance
* I am seen, gotten, have fun!
* Naturally express my skills, make a difference
* Easily cover my bills

Physically Active
* Be strong & flexible
* Enjoy lots of yoga
* Biking! Hiking!

* I have "enough"
* I am worthy, just me, exactly as I am

Home, Family & Garden

There are some things I DON'T WANT right now but I'm not even gonna go there.

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