Friday, July 29, 2011

Ready for my new home!

I'm doggie sitting for old man Enzo, so precious! Besides adoring this sweet boy who hobbles and wobbles his semi-blind self around after me, I'm falling in love with Shira's house. She had her wedding here last fall, and though I thought it was pretty, it has made its imprint on me now. It is so quiet and spacious here, birds chirping and leaves rustling. I want a HOUSE that is larger than my 625 sq ft I have now. I want a home with a yard. I want to walk outside in the morning, my feet on the earth, and drink my coffee in the morning. For seven years I've wanted my own garden. Remember my community gardens plot with the world's largest lettuce crop? I haven't been able to get back into another plot because of their long waiting list and am super bummed I gave mine up. So, again, I wait. I wait patiently for the next open door in my life.

This is Shira's cat Meow Meow... Willow's older twin!

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