Thursday, July 14, 2011

Summer lovin'

Amy & Ronica's 7 year old niece Iris visited for a week, and we took her out for a boat-load of sushi! I have to say, there is NOTHING like being snuggled by a kid. During dinner she sat next to me and ended up practically sitting in my lap cuddling with me most of the evening. I want one!

Now that I have some free time, I thought maybe I would take a road trip. I have been dying to meet KK's new baby girl, Marlo, in San Francisco and Patricia is having a 30th bday bash in LA... then there's Burning Man near Reno. Seems like a good loop to me. There are some other things I could throw in, like Big Sur and Yosemite. I'm kind of overwhelmed by all the options and also a bit hesitant to throw myself into 3,200 miles in the car. I've never done that long of a road trip and part of me worries that I'll get part-way into it and HATE it like I hated the first, only and last cruise I went on! However, 3,200 miles in the car = $600 in gas, versus three plane tickets, maybe four depending on if I go to Burning Man or not. It's a lot to think about but it just seems like over the last 15 years I've been limited to one week vacations and always felt rushed. I think I should take this opportunity and wander. However, it would be so much more fun with someone else on the drives! Anyone? Anyone?

This picture is of my new weekly support team "Joyful Mattress Jumping" (which could potentially sound like an award winning porn film). We are going to talk weekly to support each other and our goals. For me it's what I am looking for next with "work".... how do I build my business... what actions am I taking... am I being productive or hiding out eating ice cream?! I want to be very purposeful with this time that I am so blessed to have. I want to appreciate the freedom and really focus on the right things. I've been given a beautiful gift to step over the bridge to the next world and I'm loving the opportunity!

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