Monday, July 04, 2011

too cool for school...

Shaya and I went up to Shoshoni for an overnight camping trip - which included two yoga classes, two hikes, one rainshower, four stolen blankets from the yoga room (because we're dumb campers who didn't bring warm enough blankets for sleeping) and three "vegetarian" (carbohydrates, tofu, salad, sugar and... where's the protein??) meals. Neither of us are big campers so we decided to partner up and try it all out this summer. Shoshoni had showers and bathrooms about 100 feet from our tents, so this wasn't too tough! We each had our own tent but when we went to bed she shamed me into letting her sleep in my "mansion" tent (not true, I didn't want to sleep by myself!!!). The real shaming began when she saw my old school, hip, retro, ancient, eleven year old headlamp! It has a straight up battery pack on the back of my head. Whatever. Some of us can't be so put together when they camp, SHAYA!

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