Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Last Stop, Seattle

A story in pictures:
Seriously a lot of movement. We went first from Seattle by ferry to Vashon Island, where Shaya's dad lives. He has one of the most priceless views of Mt. Rainier, and I was able to experience this magical mountain. I couldn't take my eyes off it; reminds me of the Boulder Flatirons. There's just something spiritual and magnetic about it. We then traveled by ferry back to Seattle for a day of hiking in Snoqualmie Falls, then a long afternoon of sailing in the Puget Sound. Despite my best efforts to get away from the blistering heat of summer in Boulder, I hit the nicest weather Seattle has to offer. I was hot at times! Where's the gloomy cool wet weather?? The wind was perfect for sailing along with the 360 scenic views, enormous sea lions lounging on the yellow buoy (DUDE they have huge balls), passing by the porpoise pod and a perfect sunset.
Some snaps of the decadent (mostly homeade) food we enjoyed - can someone say time for a diet? Peanut butter cookies, hand-picked blackberry cobbler, FRESH oysters, FRESH kind salmon, friend squash blossoms, king crab...
We headed next (by ferry) to Friday Harbor on San Juan Island. Shaya grew up on these islands so it was fun to explore and hear the stories that accompanied our drive around the island. Highlights: the lavendar farm, kayaking (got stuck with the 12 year old kid who paddled 1-2-3 then got distracted by jelly fish), the Inn run by Juniper (her brother Sean's girlfriend), and the INSANELY adorable dogs which got attention wherever we went (Bailey the golden doodle and little mini Teeno - will find out his breed).
Last stop was the glass factory where Shaya's brother-in-law Nathan works (he is the last in the assembly line - he quickly takes the finished piece from the craftsman and places it into the container that slowly cools it down). The artist, Dale Chihuly, is one of the most successful and famous in this delicate craft; you may have seen one of his largest works in the Bellagio. Dale no longer actually blows the glass, but the team can at times can pump out 100 pieces in a day. We were able to tour the gallery and you can see some of the chandeliers. To give you an idea, one of Chihuly's BOWLS sells for $80k.
So this unforgettable trip has ended.
Thank you Shaya for being so fun and easy to travel with.
Up next: Idaho!

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