Sunday, August 14, 2011


Everyone's asking. What's my plan now? GET AWAY! AVOID! RELAX! TRAVEL!

One week, San Francisco.
One week, Seattle.
One week home, suitcase explosion.
One week visiting Morgan in Hailey, Idaho.

Relax. Enjoy the time off. This will be such a short wink in the span of my lifetime. Relatively no responsibilities, no time constraints, no distractions. And the more quiet I have, the more I want. It's been really nice. Occasionally my mind wanders like a pin ball machine in slow motion, back to life in Colorado. I was brilliant to do all this traveling; I wouldn’t have relaxed at home. Worry would keep me busy instead. Plus it’s burning hot summer there, which melts me into a miserable crank. It's in the ‘60s here in San Francisco, lots of fog and humidity softening the air. Just lovely. Today I went to Kabuki Hot Springs, soaked, steamed, sweat (then went straight to Pizzeria Delfina and ate an entire pizza by myself. I ain't afraid of food, nope. Not me!).

But I can't escape the question. What am I doing next? Well, all I know is I get the honor of being Aunt Helen tomorrow. I'm getting up in the morning to watch Sam (KK's son) go to his first day of Kindergarten, then spending the day with Lucia & Alma-Luisa. So precious. Love these kids. They keep me present for sure.

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