Sunday, August 28, 2011

San Francisco, second stop in the sumer of S's

San Francisco, second stop in the vacation summer of S's. I started off at Kathleen & Joe's house and got to meet "Mellow Marlo" (six months). She is just that - mellow - along with sweet, soft and a gentle little treasure. My favorite thing about her is that as soon as she looks at you, she breaks out into a delighted smile, huge grin and her eyes open up wild. It's so interesting to me how different kids are from each other, right when they are born. Although Sammy shared this same sweetness, he was always more boisterous and commanded attention.

I got to take Sam on a few adventures, and it is now a proven fact: Sam does not walk. Sam RUNS wherever he goes. We were waiting for the train and he after asking every 10 seconds when the train was coming, I suggested he "there and back" to a sign about 25 feet in front of us. He said he could do twenty, and there he went, full speed ahead like a little torpedo. He made it ten times before the train came in. I couldn't believe it! So off we went to get him his haircut for the first day of school. He is such a trooper, so independent and confident. He climbed right up into that chair and asked her politely if she could "cut this piece of hair that hangs in my eye". Adorable. Afterwards we went to Park Chow, one of my favorite spots, and he wolfed down his burger and fries. The kid can eat. Through lunch he kept asking me, "what is a lamb burger" (what I chose). I couldn't decide how to break the news about what I was eating. Bah bah.

San Francisco, now not only home of these two five year olds, but Alma-Luisa (now 2 1/2) and Marlo (six months). It is so nice to have a week there to spend quality time with the kids but also get a bit of vacation. This visit I got a lot of play time but also got to catch up with my mommy friends sans kids. It really reminded me of the deep connection and history I have with Kathleen and Katia. There's just nothing like good friendship like that. Priceless. I also got a quick visit with my second oldest friend from high school, Pam.
This visit I got to know Alma-Luisa a bit more. They call her Weesa (from Luiiiiiisa). Oh my gosh those great big blue eyes! We went to the Discovery Museum just outside of San Francisco. What a great place! Outdoor miniature version of the Golden Gate bridge, with a split in the middle so the kids can don construction gear and help "fix" it! We also got to tour Lucia's new kindergarten classroom!
Somehow in all that busy-ness, I was able to take some time to soak at the Kabuki Springs & Spa in their communal baths, and proud to say I hit TWO yoga classes at YogaTree right near KK's place. In all my years of visiting (since 2000), I've said every time I go that I should do some yoga there. Loved it!


And lastly, I say good-bye to Kathleen's Mom, Jean Della Santa.
With ever so much gratitude and love to a wonderful, strong and bold woman.
Farewell to a sweet and loving grandmother.
A kind and welcoming person to me.
You opened your arms and made me family.
I am so sorry your children's loss.
I will be there for them and for Jack, as you were there for me.

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