Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Birthday 39!

This year for my birthday I wanted to give you, my dearest friends, the gift of thanks for your support in my life. When I reflect on what I value the most, it really isn’t my stellar good looks and hot body, it’s my amazing friends and family - you. Every time I spend time with you, you offer me new insight, colorful feedback and most precious of all, laughter. Thank you for not only accepting me exactly as I am, but celebrating me. I feel “known” by you. You see the best in me. You make me feel like everything is going to be okay. All of you have stood by my side through some very tough times, and cheered me on when the going got good. I’ll never be sure exactly why I have such a passion for empowering women, but I AM sure that you do just that for me – you empower me. You are the source of my inspiration, my shelter in the storm and the great loves of my life.

Birthday wishes for my 39th year:

* I’m engaged!

* My career is in full swing and I’m prospering

* I’m doing things I’ve never done, things I’ve always wanted to do, and things I never knew I could do

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