Thursday, September 22, 2011

Laurie's Blessingway

An Arts & Crafts project "gone right", Laurie's bridal blessing-way

Laurie is having a very small, family only, wedding, so we got all her girlfriends together to give her our blessings since we couldn't be there. I LOVE ritual and specifically building altars or bringing really anything that brings a sense of magic to mark the moment. So what started as a simple idea of a symbolic bridal veil turned into a gorgeous piece that even stunned me! I ended up adding detail to the bottom of all the white ribbons, each one different with its own wish. During the blessing, we all wrote down a wish on a leaf (shape) and we added these to the ribbons.

Laurie's story is very dear to me, because she and I had talked a lot about our very similar road to the altar. We both have had the experience where people in our lives are confused why we don't have partners, as well as encountered criticism that we should be more this or that (less judgmental, lower our standards).

We were also confused! We'd done the work on ourselves to be more emotionally mature, feng shue'd our homes, focused on living a good happy life, having great friends and healthy career, etc. So what the hell else is there to do but wait? One night, tired of feeling like Spinsters, we purposely looked at each other and promised that there was NOTHING else we needed to do. We were each fabulous (and available), and we promised to be patient until "our man" showed up.

About a month after that promise, she ended up meeting Peter at a (mostly silent) meditation retreat. From the minute they met, they both felt the connection and ended up taking long quiet walks and stealing moments of deep conversation. After the retreat, Peter quickly moved to Boulder from Seattle, and a few months later they were engaged and now on the road to baby-making as fast as possible! It has been so beautiful to watch. And so, I wait, knowing my miracle is coming too.

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