Thursday, November 10, 2011

Well, hello

How I have been spending my time...

... with the horses! Ever Tuesday and Friday I go out to Medicine Horse to "turn in" the horses from pasture. There are 30 of them. I'm sort of apprenticing with Cathy, who grew up on farms in Scotland. She is adorable, little and moves like lightening. The first thing I worked on was just putting the damn bridles on! I only was able to do a few of the horses for weeks, simply because the frisky ones had no patience for my fumbling around just to figure out what was the front, top and bottom of the thing.

I'm completely fascinated with how the pack interacts with each other when we arrive - nipping, bucking and shoving. Then the leader pushes the others out of the way to be first at the gate. The others back off and leave space. The first horse is easiest to bring out, and that's the one I usually get. After that, some crowd forward, trying to establish dominance, and Cathy goes in to shoo them back and out of the way. I get such an adrenaline rush as I walk my horse back to their stall. I feel a mix of pride and love to walk next to them and keep up pace, making sure to stay in front as they try to squeeze past me in the aisle, shoving and lunging at their food bin.

When I get back to the pasture, we then carefully make our way past the crowd to load most of them through the back-side of their stalls. It can be risky and dangerous to get by them where they are crowding the gate like that, frisky for their dinner. So we call them one by one, trying to the right horse to go in through each open gate. Often three or four rush towards you, and you have to make yourself big to push the others aside. Cathy works so fast that she mostly does this herself, while I stand aside and wish to help. It is a little frustrating but also keeps me safe. Anyway now that the snow is making the pastures muddy, they've been keeping everyone in their stalls all day, so all there is to do is feed them. Did you know you can get hay splinters? Now I do!

Speaking of snow, we had a GLORIOUS fall this year. The highs were mid-80s. One Monday it was 78, then by Wednesday winter knocked on our door, dropping 10 inches overnight. Drove me mad. So, I began the descent. My friend Jen holds these seasonal ritual women's groups, every six weeks, which helps me to frame the energy that is happening. It was a yucky transition from fall to winter this year, because I fought it the whole way. Now I am settling in to the cozy winter nights, enjoying Willow cuddles and skyping with Matt, Alexandra & Patricia about wedding stuff (M&A's). Matt is convinced the Patricia and I should launch a wedding business (she does the design / planning) then I swoop in and boss everyone around at the end.

Shaya and I ran the Denver half marathon (2:36 for me), which has been a goal since I did the marathon in 2007. Oddly, I felt no sense of accomplishment. Since I'd already run that course, it felt a bit boring. Strange experience for me. Good times with friends continue...

Halloween - mermaid meets space alien.

I'm still working on finishing my Regis essays. I'm stuck. It's annoying and a bit foreboding - I am not gonna lie, I expect to be a bit of a stress case about homework and exams. AND, I expect and trust I'll be accepted and start in January. Up next, Thanksgiving in LA and then a two week meditation retreat in Crestone December 9-25. That's right, sitting on my butt for 12 hours a day (ish). Should be... interesting?

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